Central Monitoring Systems is a master reseller of the Uplink radio service. What this means for you is that you can put your Uplink device online with our central and not be charged the Uplink activation fee. Furthermore you will be billed for these devices directly from our office so you will no longer have the hassle of multiple bills at varying intervals.

Wireless alarm services from Uplink offer you and your customers superior protection when they need it most. As a substitute for landline alarm communicators or for use as a back-up to existing systems, Uplink remains on the job with a secure, reliable connection that transmits alarm events instantly, in the event of phone service disruption or if your customer has wireless-only service.

Uplink has been providing wireless alarm communications longer than anyone else, having deployed our first solution in 1996.

Uplink makes installing and activating a wireless alarm communicator easy. The only provider in the industry to facilitate web-based service activations and account management, Uplink also features on-call, live dealer assistance and extended hours technical support.


Superior Network Security

In addition to the technology expertise you receive from Uplink, you will benefit from Uplink’s secure and reliable GSM wireless network and advanced services including:

  • Carrier grade connection to the GSM network for real-time transfer of signals to the 24/7/365 network operations center (NOC)
  • High speed communication network delivers signals to the NOC via high uptime servers with redundant backup power and communication
  • Servers immediately match the signal to your customer information and send the signal to your central station via the Internet or dial-up to the alarm receiver you select
  • Signals are sent in a format that is acceptable to most any central station, affording you the flexibility to choose any monitoring service or even use your swing lines


Uplink 2500

The Uplink 2500 uses the latest GSM technology to transmit alarm signals.

Rugged, reliable, and easy to install, the Uplink 2500 GSM unit is supported through an array of services, including Web-based activation, account management and automated testing.

Designed to operate right out of the box, the unit requires no special programming device or central station equipment. Real-time phone or Web activation means real-time installation–no waiting! With the Uplink 2500 GSM device, you’re in control of your installations, with live voice assistance available to answer specific questions. And our flat-rate pricing plan brings you added simplicity and maximum flexibility in what you can cost-effectively offer your customers.

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