Video Verification

Videofied security systems deliver police when you need them – through video verified alarms.

Police treat video verified alarms as a “Crime in Progress” and respond faster than for a routine alarm. Even in non-dispatch areas, police are still motivated to catch bad guys. Video verification makes law enforcement more efficient and provides greater security to the property owner.

Central Monitoring Systems has implemented the alarm response integration of RSI Videofied™. The award winning Videofied™ technology transmits alarm and video data over GSM wireless communications providing our central stations most important tool for video verification.

Our Bold Manitou automation captures the Videofied alarm data and adds it to the alarm queue. When retrieved by an operator the video data is delivered in a supplemental display. Our operators then review the video alarm clips and perform necessary actions through one integrated solution.

Videofied has an Upgrade Kit XT for existing installed intrusion alarms as well as a complete solution Videofied for new installations. Both are available with the GPRS cell notification for TOTALLY wireless video security anywhere. As an additional service, our central station can deliver the video of what caused the alarm to any cell phone. Secure yourself with faster police response and a video record of what caused the alarm.


Panel XL

Features include:
– Supports up to 20 peripheral devices.
– Operates up to 4 years on one set of batteries.
– Includes an integrated keypad and proximity card reader.
– Includes an integrated GPRS cell modem.
– Includes 2-way voice over the GSM network.
– 915/868/920 MHz communication (AES encrypted) between panel/peripherals.
– RF range is up to 2,000 feet (600m).
– Relative Signal Strength Indicator between panel and all peripherals.

View video of actual incidents here.
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