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A telephone answering service can provide plenty of benefits for a business. However, it’s necessary to understand whether your business needs this type of service or not before you make a commitment. Here are a few steps to consider before you hire an answering service for your phones:

Consider the Direct Benefits for Your Business

When you hire a virtual receptionist, you will have a remote call center on your side helping answer your phones. They can take orders, schedule appointments, relay message, transfer calls and much more. This can really help start-up businesses, small firms and those with large daily call volumes.

Understanding all the Benefits

Benefits of a telephone answering service may really strengthen your business. Some of the most common benefits to understand include:

  • Phones always answered promptly
  • General client questions handled for you
  • No need for an automated system
  • Critical calls won’t be missed
  • Ability to set up specific instructions
  • Appointment scheduling and confirmation
  • And Many More!

Is it an Upgrade from your Current System?

Telephone Answering Service you may currently have an automated system, a receptionist or a combination of the two for your incoming calls. However, you may be the one answering the phones for your business. Regardless of what the current system is, you will want to consider whether a virtual receptionist service is an upgrade from what you currently use.

If you answer the phones and you could really use some uninterrupted time to handle other business tasks, this type of service might be just what you need. With an answering service, you can get the most out of your business day by only handling the most important calls you have transferred to you.

A live person answering your phones will also provide a higher level of customer service compared to an automated service. If callers have to go through multiple menus of options, they may hang up and you may lose a customer or a potential customer. It’s much better, from a customer service standpoint, to provide a live person to answer the phone, answer questions, schedule appointments and take messages.

Did you know, about 33% of callers sent to voicemail won’t leave a message? Did you know that nearly 99% of those hanging up on voicemail will never call back? This is money you are losing to your competition because you chose an automated system instead of a live person.

Make sure you know what the best decision for your business is before you finalize the choice to hire a telephone answering service. This type of service can be very helpful and very beneficial for many small to medium sized businesses.